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Home Documentary

$200 per hour

What is your favorite time of life right now? Saturday breakfast with your kids? After school when everyone is running around the park? Friday evening date night in? Whatever is it, why not remember this time by having photos you can always look back on and remember how it felt?


About 30 images per hour. Free downloads at any quality. 


$250 flat rate

In studio or home maternity pictures. Bring your older kids, your partner, your dog (well maybe, let's do those in your home..), or just yourself!

About 1 hour, whatever outfit changes you want, about 30 images. free downloads, always!

Studio Mini

$125 (1/2 hour)

Pretty much anything! 30 minutes of you and a camera (and any extra folks that feel important). Great for headshots, parent and baby, couples. Really anyone who just needs a quick shoot and some great pictures. 

30 minutes, 15 images, free downloads. 

Birth Photography

$800 Flat Rate 

For more info check out honeybirth

Event Photography

$100 per hour 

Documentary photography of whatever events you've got going on. Blessingways, a 60th birthday party, whatever! 

Around 100 images, but just depends on hours and the event!

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