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My journey into photography started by running around with an old Nikon (that I think technically was my sisters and has since been lost after I borrowed it for a college photography class— sorry, Cal). Growing up, my step-mom had a film camera glued to her hand and us six (yes, six) knew that it was a dollar a shot before we knew how to ride a bike. My dad had a little art gallery off main street. My whole childhood is captured in photographs and art, and I hardly remember ever posing. Now when I look at those photos, I can feel what Thursday night dinners sounded like and I remember the taste of homemade popsicles on the back patio in the summer. When I began getting into family and life photography, I wanted this to be the basis. I wanted to capture the season of life, not just what the people in the photo look like. My work focuses on documenting important parts of your season of life.

Emily lives in Birmingham, Alabama and spends her time working as a freelance photographer, birth and postpartum doula, and occasional baker/ceramicist/writer/professional coffee drinker. She is trying to create a slow life full of really good people and really important things.  

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